Services We Provide

At Hosch Appraisal & Consulting, Inc., we offer a wide range of services to our clients with an ability to solve some of the most complex valuation problems that surface in the marketplace. A team approach also allows us to handle assignments of all sizes, including multiple properties, portfolios, as well as large groups of owners who may be represented by a single law firm. Extensive experience includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following functions: real estate litigation, eminent domain, inverse condemnation claims, special assessment benefits analyses, tax appeals, foreclosure, bankruptcy, mortgage financing, fair market rental analyses (land and building leases), purchase and sale consulting, investment counseling, portfolio evaluation, charitable donations, gift tax, partial sale/gifting, estate planning and settlement, environmental contamination, construction defects, property damage, easements and encumbrances, title problems, development consulting, highest and best use, and assignment of financing (conventional and/or tax increment financing (TIF)).

Litigation support is an area of specialty, with involvement in high-profile court cases and decisions throughout the Midwest. Some of our expert testimony experience includes preparation of affidavits, and appearances at depositions, arbitrations, commissioner hearings, district court trials, tax court, bankruptcy court and city council meetings.

Hosch Appraisal & Consulting, Inc. also offers business valuation services for both operating and holding companies to our clients for a variety of purposes. Our experience includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following functions: mortgage financing, consulting for purchase or sale, estate planning and settlement, marriage dissolution, gifting of 100% and partial interests, litigation support, and internal decision-making. Staff members continue to expand their knowledge base through continuing education, experience and ongoing contact with market participants.

Real Estate | Businesses | Consulting | Intangible Property RightsMarket and Feasibility Studies | Environmental Impacts/Contamination | Litigation Experience

Real Estate

Agricultural Properties
Airplane Hangars
Airport Service Facilities
Apartment Buildings
Auto Malls
Auto Repair Facilities
Auto Dealerships
Bank Buildings
Banquet/Social Halls
Barge Facilities
Bars and Taverns
Big Box Retail
Boarding Houses
Bowling Alleys
Car Washes
Child Care Centers
Cold Storage Facilities
Conference Centers
Contaminated Properties
Convenience Stores
Corporate Headquarters
Data Centers
Department Stores
Farm Implement Dealerships
Fraternity/Sorority Houses

Food Processing Plants
Funeral Homes
Gasoline Stations
Golf Courses
Golf Driving Ranges
Grain Elevators
Gravel and Sand Mines
Health Clubs
Historically-designated properties
Hobby Farms
Hotels and Motels
Industrial Properties
Institutional Facilities
Lakeshore Property
Landlocked Parcels
Medical Offices and Clinics
Mini-storage Facilities
Mobile Home Parks
Motor Sports Dealerships
Night Clubs
Nursing Homes
Office Buildings
Office/Showroom Buildings
Office/Warehouse Buildings
Office Condominiums
Outdoor Advertising Signs
Outdoor Storage Yards
Parking Ramps and Lots
Partially-completed Buildings

Public Buildings
Proposed Developments
Quick-lube Facilities
Recording Studios
Recreational Properties/Resorts
Recreational Vehicle Dealerships
Refrigerated Warehouses
Rehabilitation Facilities
Residential Estate Properties
Restaurants and Cafes
Riverfront Property
Roller Skating Rinks
Salvage Yards
Senior Housing Facilities
Service Stations
Shopping Centers
Single-Family Homes with Unique Issues and/or Litigation
Special-purpose Properties
Steel Mini Mills
Subdivisions of Land
Subsidized Housing
Tank Farms
Travel Plazas
Truck Repair Facilities
Truck Terminals
Vacant Land
Veterinary Clinics
Wetland Mitigation Banks/Credits


Estate Tax Returns
Gifting (100% and Partial Interests)
Internal Decision-making

Litigation Support
Lost Profits Analysis
Marriage Dissolution

Mortgage Financing
Potential Sale/Purchase


Condemnation/Eminent Domain
Development of Land and Buildings
Environmental Contamination
Estate Planning/Settlement
Fair Market Rent

Feasibility Studies
Highest and Best Use Analysis
Lease Negotiations/Buy-outs
Litigation Support
Market Research
New Construction
Options to Purchase

Sale or Purchase
Site Selection
Special Assessment Benefits Analysis
Tax Appeals
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Suggested Listing Price

Intangible Property Rights

Access Rights
Air Rights
Contracts for Deed
Damage Analyses
Development Agreements
Development Rights

Leasehold Interests
Life Estates
Lost Profit Analyses

Riparian Rights
Tax Increment Financing Agreements
Visibility Rights
Zoning Changes

Market and Feasibility Studies

Effects of High Voltage Transmission Line Easements on Market Value
Effects of Foreclosure on Market Value
Effects of Flood Risk on Market Value
Effects of Commercial Zoning on Residential Property Values
Effects of Noise of and Proximity to Freeways
on Residential Property Values
Effects of Private Air Strips on Residential Property Values

Effects of Proposed Developments on
Surrounding Property Values
Effects of Gravel Mining on Surrounding Property Values
Supply and Demand Studies for Proposed Development
Effects of Street Improvement Projects on Commercial or Residential Property Values
Effects of Gas Line Easements on Surrounding Property Values

Environmental Impacts/Contamination

Impact of Contamination on Market Value
Poor Soils
Wetland Mitigation Banks and Credits

Partial List of Litigation Experience

Condemnations/Eminent Domain – Partial Takings:

  • Public and Private Sector Assignments
  • Access (Numerous Property Types)
  • High Voltage Transmission Line Easements (Agricultural, Residential and Commercial Properties)
  • Pipeline Easements (Vacant and Improved Land)
  • Ponding Easements (Vacant Commercial/Residential Land)
  • Trail Easements
  • Temporary Construction Easements (Numerous Property Types)
  • Drainage and Utility Easements
  • Airport Redevelopment (Leasehold Interests)

Minnesota Rights-of-Way, such as:

  • Central Corridor Light Rail Project (Numerous commercial and residential properties)
  • Highway 65 (Restaurant, Gas Station/C-Store, Auto Repair, Vacant Land)
  • Highway 100 Corridor (Land, Nursing Home, Industrial Property)
  • Highways 100 & 55 Interchange (Land, Office Building)
  • Highway 12 (Land, Industrial, Retail Property)
  • Highway 610 (Numerous Types of Land, Proposed Residential Developments)
  • Highway 5 (Land, Proposed Senior Housing Project, Hydraulics Plant, Croissant Factory)
  • Highway 7 (Land, Hobby Farm and Affected Business)
  • Highway 212 (Numerous Types of Land, Partially-completed Subdivision)
  • Highway 52 (Motel, Gas Station/Convenience Store, Quick-lube)
  • Highway 241 (Numerous types of land, commercial buildings and residential properties)
  • Highway 63 (Numerous Types of Land)
  • Highway 101 (Retail Center/Partial Construction, Platted Land, Vacant Land)
  • U.S. Highway 169 & County Road 9 (Vacant Land)
  • State Highways 23 and 95 (Recreational Vehicle Dealership)
  • U.S. Highway 10 & County Road #242 (Development Land)
  • U.S. Highway 10 & County Road #96 (Development Land)
  • Highway 64 (Development Land with Mineral Rights)
  • Rail Corridors

Condemnations/Eminent Domain – Total Takings:

  • Public and Private Sector Assignments
  • Commercial, Industrial, Multiple-family and Single-family Properties
  • Partially-completed Land Subdivisions
  • Partially-completed Commercial Buildings
  • Airplane Hangars
  • Special-purpose Properties (Value in Use)

Inverse Condemnation Claims:

  • Loss of Reasonable Access
  • Zoning Changes
  • Airport No-build Zones
  • Change in Highest and Best Use
  • Unauthorized Stormwater Drainage from Adjacent Property

Special Assessment Benefits Analyses:

  • Public and Private Sector Assignments (commercial and residential)
  • Proposed Public Streets/Utilities
  • Regional Ponds

Tax Appeals:

  • Commercial, Industrial, Multi-family
  • Partially-completed Construction
  • Vacant Land and Subdivisions

Damages Analyses:

  • Development/Construction Delays
  • Lost Development Rights
  • Lost Profits Analyses
  • Value Diminution Claims

Marriage and Business Dissolutions:

  • Commercial, Industrial, Multi-family and Hobby Farms
  • Land Development
  • Partially – Completed Construction
  • Appraisal Review

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